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If you’re a nonprofit or grassroots organization working to advance a cause, our network of volunteers is standing by to help you amplify your message.


Do you qualify for free creative services from Visible?

In order for a project to qualify, it must meet at least 1 of the following 3 criteria:


  1. The project will benefit a marginalized or underserved community, whose rights and freedoms are threatened by the current US administration. The benefit to the community will have a measurable impact.
  2. The project is for a non-profit organization, charitable cause, resistance effort, or not-for-profit grassroots organization without funds to allocate to creative services or marketing, who would be unable to access these resources otherwise.
  3. The project is for a resistance effort with over 50% of proceeds being donated to a charitable organization.


Individual or personal projects, business start-ups or ideas, and for-profit businesses are not eligible for services through Visible.


Do you have an immediate need for a website, logo, video, or other creative work to help you reach your audience?

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