Affect Conference

Project needs: 

Website Design & Development
Possible Brand Expansion

Organization mission statement: Affect’s mission is educate and catalyze through the examination of work, design, and culture in social change. We strive to bring socially conscious people together and provide underrepresented voices a platform for their projects and experiences, with a focus on event accessibility.

Are you a:: Organization

This organization or cause is a 501(c)3 non-profit: Yes

What community or cause does your organization serve?: Affect is focused on amplifying social change creators, particularly those who have lived experience in the communities they're improving (e.g. Black disabled women who are focused on Disability Solidarity) and those who have been multiply marginalized.

Project description: Affect is returning for its third year on Sept 6-7, 2018. It's a 2-day conference in Portland, Oregon that highlights grassroots social impact projects and current social issues. Specifically, the website needs to be redesigned for the 2018 event, with two versions: the minimal splash page with a date announcement and call for speakers vs the fuller website that would go up in Spring 2018.

How will this creative work help you overcome challenges or meet specific goals?: As Affect is primarily a one-person project, I've typically done all the work myself (not just in website design and development, but also in everything involved with putting on a 2-day conference), but I've been too burnt out this year both financially and emotionally to be able to channel any creative energy for the upcoming event. Having a well-designed website will really help us garner support for the 2018 conference and free my time up to focus on logistical planning. We have a shoestring budget that is currently allocated towards paying the speakers, booking the venue, and providing inclusive amenities, so we have been unable to pay for professional design thus far.

Project needs: website design, splash page design, update to existing logo/brand,

Other project needs not listed above:

Project Timeline: 1-2 months

Current website:


Twitter: affectconf

Instagram: cometoaffect